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Below you will find press releases from member companies.  If you would like a press release from your company to appear here, please email it to Sue Wiles at swiles@digitalsignagefederation.org
  • 04 Aug 2015 1:17 PM | Deleted user

    Deland, FLStetson University recently chose Videotel's VP71 industrial digital signage media players to showcase student video work in the Hand Art Center, the campus art gallery.

    The VP71 industrial digital signage player is known for its rugged durability and hands-off functionality. The digital media player can be used in a variety of ways to display any media content from photos to videos, with or without sound, seamlessly. Even in a power failure, the VP71 will automatically resume playback when power is restored.

    Associate Professor Nathan Wolleck, Chair of the Department of Creative Arts, was dissatisfied with the department's previous method of displaying student video work. The department would use computers and play videos on a long continuous loop. Visitors to the gallery had no control over the presentation of content. The computer played on, whether any guests were there to watch or not. Wolleck knew there had to be a better way.

    Working with his Creative Arts department, Wolleck paired Videotel's VP71 industrial media player with Videotel's IPM Interplay Module and with LED buttons to create a sleek, interactive display of student work. According to Wolleck, "the VP71 just sat neatly behind the flat screen on the wall. The resulting video theater felt right at home in the gallery. Now, visitors control the flow of content and the player sits quietly during the idle moments when there are no visitors."

    Wolleck believes that the VP71 industrial media player was the right choice for not only the current display, but future gallery events as well. "We look forward to using it whenever we need to showcase video projects in our art gallery and, should we need multiple video screens, we will certainly be buying another Videotel unit," he said.

    About Videotel Inc.
    Videotel Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping DVD players and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, CA, Videotel has 34 years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions has propelled it to industry leader status. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit http://www.videoteldigital.com.

  • 03 Aug 2015 1:07 PM | Deleted user

    Minneapolis, MN.  - CastNET announced today that it has hired Tom McInerney as Director of Operations and Jim Oehler as Product Manager.

    Prior to joining CastNET, Tom McInerney managed the hosting and operations team at CPA Global. Prior to that, he was at Dow Jones as the Director of Systems Engineering and Operations.

    Jim Oehler comes to CastNET with more than last 14 years of digital signage experience. He was most recently at Imagine Communications in various roles including Program Manager and Product Manager for their digital signage division.
    Commenting on the new additions to CastNET, Lance Hutchinson, CastNET Vice President, said, “To manage the rapid growth that we are experiencing at CastNET, we are determined to hire individuals with outstanding qualifications and a track record of success. We’ve reached that goal with the hiring of Tom and Jim to these strategically important positions.”
    About CastNET
    CastNET is a leader in providing large-scale digital signage solutions for a variety of markets around the world. For over 20 years, CastNET has been a one-stop resource for content management software, hardware integration, and content creation. CastNET’s award winning software is an easy-to-use yet powerful content management software solution for digital signage systems.

    CastNET, 7690 Golden Triangle Drive, Eden Prairie Minnesota 55344
    (800) 388-0008 or (952) 896-9898.

    Website: www.castnet.com. Contact: info@castnet.com

  • 03 Aug 2015 1:02 PM | Deleted user

    Just before the school year begins, NoviSign launches a new digital signage service suits especially for all types of educational institutions: Elementary schools, High schools, Colleges and Universities. This new service includes a unique, easy to use and operate digital signage system designed especially for educational institutions, in order to upgrade the learning experience by adding informative and interactive screens, allowing you to publish and convey information quickly, efficiently and effortlessly with any Android, Chrome or Windows device.

    The purpose of this new service is to provide an information mechanism that would allow to publish and update easily and effectively information throughout the educational institution and even in a number of     institutions at the same time. Upcoming events, campus news, welcome notices, scheduling changes and more - all of those can be published on screens around the campus and be updated from any computer, without a direct access to the screen. Also, the innovative system of NoviSign is so easy to operate that you can turn it into an educational activity for the students and make them responsible of the content on the screen.

    But beyond the ability of the system to publish information around the campus and raise the awareness of the students about different topics, NoviSign offers an innovative system that allows to create an interaction with the students. Who should be your next student council president? What activity would you like to take place on the last day of school? NoviSign polling system allows to ask question on the big screen and let the students answer directly from their smartphones while watching the results updating automatically on the bid screen.

    NoviSign company aims to develop the field of digital signage at educational institutions and offers special terms to support and help those institutions, such as unique templates, free trainings and special price.

    Want to hear more? http://goo.gl/8FfB7k

  • 29 Jul 2015 2:45 PM | Deleted user

    11Giraffes puts the power of cost efficiency, remote management, and scalable deployment in the hands of end-users and IT managers through their new digital signage software application for Google's Chrome OS.

    Charlotte, NC - Digital signage software company, 11Giraffes, now supports Google's Chrome operating system with its digital content management platform. The company worked closely with Google to build an application for use with the Google for Work platform. A Google Android version of 11Giraffes digital signage media player has been available since 2012. A variant of this Android version of 11Giraffes Digital Signage player now runs on Chrome OS. 


    Using the 11Giraffes Digital Signage Chrome app, users may remotely manage the presentation of video and audio through the 11Girafffes web-based content management system. The 11Giraffes Digital Signage app allows users to upload and schedule media, create touchscreen interactive applications and video walls, monitor playback, and traffic content to individual or groups of displays worldwide. 


    As a Google for Work Partner application, the 11Giraffes Digital Signage app may be deployed and managed on Google Chromebox devices using Google's Chrome Management Console. The web-based Chrome Management Console allows IT departments to easily configure and manage Chrome OS devices across enterprise networks in corporate, education and non-profit environments.


    "Based on our success with Google Android digital signage, adding support for Google Chrome made good business sense", said Jim Marascio, 11Giraffes Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations. "Chrome OS devices provide a powerful, yet low-cost, PC hardware platform for digital signage. And Google's ARC project made migrating from Android to Chrome, then maintaining a single code base for both platforms, very efficient."


    11Giraffes Digital Signage media player app is immediately available with Chromebox devices sold through Seneca. The 11Giraffes Digital Signage app is also available through the Google Chrome Web Store to be deployed via Chrome Management Console. The app may also be run without Chrome Management Console and on Chrome OS devices sourced through other distribution channels.


    About 11Giraffes

    Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, 11Giraffes provides innovative, scalable, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage and in-store audio solutions to companies worldwide. The company's software and hardware products are distributed through a large network of value added resellers who place its products in a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, QSR/restaurant, assisted living, automotive, financial institutions, medical and dental offices, country clubs, and c-stores. 11Giraffes is committed to creating products that extend brands, deliver messages, and speak to customers. 


  • 29 Jul 2015 2:38 PM | Deleted user

    The Queen's Medical Center, in the Honolulu, Hawaii area, has recently purchased new digital signage media players for its hospital rooms. The solution that the hospital chose to buy were Videotel's VP71 Industrial Media Players. Prior to purchasing this high-quality media player from Videotel, The Queen's Hospital frequently experienced challenges with getting their signage players to power on. They experienced many power glitches, which directly impacted patient care. The hospital administrator has informed Videotel Inc. that the hospital is very grateful to have chosen this solution above all others. The hospital especially likes the auto power switch, which prevents the need to worry about the troublesome power glitches affecting the function of important equipment. This dependable product manufactured by Videotel Inc. allows The Queen's Hospital to provide its patients with the highest quality of care and make news, information, and other important data readily available to patients, visitors, employees, and family members of patients.

    Videotel prides itself on providing top-notch industrial digital equipment and exceptional customer support. The Videotel's VP71 is an industrial-grade digital media player that has the ability to auto-power-on, auto-loop and auto-repeat content seamlessly. This is done without the necessity for menus, remotes, or manual interaction. The VP71 supports RS232 with a communication-ready port, which enables users to play content at designated times of the day. The media player’s durable design enables the VP71 to run for more than six years without failure. The VP71 can also be used to create an interactive experience for patients by connecting LED push buttons or motion sensors.

    About Videotel Inc.

    Videotel Inc. is an award winning manufacture of industrial digital signage media players, industrial looping dvd players and interactive technology. Based in San Diego, CA, Videotel's 34 years of market experience in developing reliable industrial digital signage solutions has propelled it to industry leader status. To learn more about Videotel Inc., visit http://www.videoteldigital.com.

  • 28 Jul 2015 12:59 PM | Deleted user

    Los Angeles, CA -  Eye-catching is an understatement for Haas Brothers' edgy designs that lean primarily toward furniture and sculpture. The designers’ creations are practically unmistakable, and their style has earned a position in Artsy’s top nine designers for 2015. Now, the duo has stated that they will use the Videotel VP70 industrial digital signage media player for their marketing efforts. “Videotel makes the simplest, most reliable video looper I've ever used,” declares Nikolai Haas. “Our business is one of very high dollar and high stakes. I know I can count on Videotel to deliver.”

    The Haas Brothers are in a high-dollar business. Big ideas and big-name clients require proven interactive solutions for marketing. The Haas Brothers may be best known for their collaboration with Versace and their association with Lady Gaga, for whom they crafted masks, wings and other costuming pieces, but not all Haas Brothers patrons are celebrities. At design and art shows, Haas Brothers’ enthusiasts find that they can combine form with function and art with design that tends toward zoomorphic creations.

    The Videotel HD looping digital signage media player is perfect for this high-end clientele. The VP70 requires very little human interaction, allowing the brothers to focus on demonstrating how their ideas influence emerging trends in artistic furniture and sculpture design. The VP70 is a plug-and-play solution with auto-on, auto-start and auto-repeat functions. Never does the player present an awkward black or green screen that draws attention to itself rather than the Haas Brother’s designs.

    The Haas Brothers are quick to suggest that their pieces, should be viewed through a humorous lens. Humor is an essential part of humanity, but there’s nothing funny about a technological glitch in the middle of an important presentation. Perhaps avoiding such gaffs is why the duo chose the Videotel VP70 as the centerpiece of their digital signage.

    About Videotel Inc.

    Videotel Inc. is the only company manufacturing industrial looping DVD players. Videotel’s players smoothly handle video content, digital signage and industrial media for multiple industries. Videotel, headquartered in San Diego, California, has been the industry leader in providing dependable industrial digital solutions and products for more than 34 years.

    Videotel’s players run continuously for years without failure, and the company is the only provider of the auto start, auto play and auto repeat features. The auto features work flawlessly even during power failures, with no user intervention required.

    For more information about Videotel Digital’s line of top-quality industrial digital signage media players and interactive digital signage solutions, please visit http://www.videoteldigital.com or call (800) 878-4056. You can also visit Videotel on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter.

  • 21 Jul 2015 12:50 PM | Deleted user

    Intuitive device software supports digital display content for a broad range of markets - now available on Userful video walls

    Calgary, AB and Seattle, WAUserful Corporation, an industry-leading software appliance for display infrastructure company, and UIEvolution, a global leader in highly scalable connected device software solutions, have teamed to provide flexible, integrated content solutions offering for Hospitality, Cruise and Retail customers. Customers can now utilize UIEvolution’s powerful UIE ExperienceManager to deploy and manage content on any display connected to a Userful appliance including the stunning Userful Network Video Wall.

    Userful’s Network Video Wall is the first video wall solution to deliver 4k and higher content in real-time over the network. It supports multiple video walls from a single, standard PC and is entirely managed through a browser. With the UIE ExperienceManager platform, now integrated as a plugin into the Userful solution, Hospitality, Cruise and Retail customers can easily deploy content onto Userful’s high-performance, cost-effective video walls.

    “Video walls are rapidly growing in hospitality and retail, and cruise ships greatly benefit from the reduced power consumption and easy AV-over-IP distribution built into the Userful appliance and zero-client devices,” said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful. “UIE ExperienceManager is a powerful solution for companies to engage with their customers while offering great content. Userful now makes it easy to deploy that same content on any display or video wall within the network.”

    UIE ExperienceManager is a platform for managing a range of content such as video-on-demand, live TV, music, and over-the-top (OTT) apps. It is designed to deliver rich and highly personalized guest experiences. The software is used for a variety of markets, including hospitality, to provide next-generation guest entertainment and digital signage experiences across brands and establishments.

    “We are delighted to have been selected by Userful and look forward to working with them,” said Travis Beaven, CPO and GM of Consumer Engagement at UIEvolution. “UIEvolution has been leading the display technology and digital signage industries with our powerful UIE ExperienceManager platform, now live globally on thousands of endpoints. The combination of Userful’s Network Video Wall with UIE ExperienceManager provides us with another exciting way to deliver engaging, memorable visual experiences for our Cruise, Hotel and Retail customers.”

    The new partnership creates many opportunities in the hospitality, retail, and cruise ship sectors to enhance customer and guest experience with easy distribution of compelling content to endpoints including onto high impact 4k video walls. UIEvolution and Userful combined provide simple, flexible and cost-effective digital display solutions for everyone.

    About Userful

    Userful Corporation is a leading infrastructure software company that makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent displays. Userful supports centrally powered displays from desktops to touch-screens to video walls and beyond, with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and at the lowest cost on the market. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million displays in over 100 countries and works with zero- and thin-client devices from world-class partners such as ViewSonic, Thinglobal, Atrust, Centerm and HP. userful.com

    About UIEvolution

    UIEvolution is a vertical cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider specializing in highly scalable connected device software and solutions across a broad range of markets, including automotive, cruise, hotel, retail, and more. We believe that technology and connectivity should enhance and never distract from life experiences. From our inception in 2000, we have said, “The user’s experience matters.” And, now for nearly 15 years we have made software and provided services that deliver this vision. Headquartered in Seattle with offices in Tokyo and Detroit, UIEvolution has a proven track record with clients like Toyota, Lexus, Carnival Cruise Lines, Samsung, AT&T, Microsoft, Disney, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. http://www.uievolution.com

    Media Contact

    Daniel Griffin

    Vice President, Userful



    Cami Zimmer

    Corporate Communications, UIEvolution



  • 20 Jul 2015 1:56 PM | Deleted user

    Last week we had the honor to take part at Globes' (one of the major economic newspapers in Israel) annual business conference with our interactive screens. Our goal was to raise the discourse and the experiences from the conference on the screen. In practice, the noise and traffic were larger than we imagined, when hundreds of tweets and photos from the conference were displayed on the screens through the day and the exposure of the content from the conference on social networks was enormous.


    'Mad' (digital marketing and advertising) is an annual business conference attended by influence people in the advertising industry, business people and reporters in order to take part in discussions related to the Israeli economy and to promote themselves and their business. This year, by using NoviSign live social walls we offered the attendees to publish content from the sessions and personal insights on the big screen in front of thousands of people who took part at this event. In fact, the screens allowed to have a practical dialogue about topical issues evoked various panels and it presented a current and dynamic slideshow of the people who took part in different places and on different activities of this day.

    Preparations for the social activity were very simple and required no maintenance during the event. The screen itself was designed by NoviSign online Studio and included a ticker for the Twitter tweets, Instagram photos slideshow and RSS feed from Globes website. In terms of hardware, all we had to do was to connect a Minix Neo X7 (Android TV box) to one of the screens at the event using NoviSign's live social walls software. In order to invite people to participate in the activity. The conference organizers published few days before the event and through it that the hash tag word for this event was to be #GlobesMad2015.

    The results were amazing! The event took place for more than seven hours and the screen was updating all the time with the most recent content from every panel and location of the conference. In addition for the dynamic screen, the conference social traffic was increased and there were over 50,000 people who viewed the content from the conference by social networks. Beyond the exposure, the guests of the conference got a unique and special experience when they were given the opportunity to take an active factor of the conference by taking part in a debate around the conference on the screen and share their personal experiences from the event. 

    Want to hear more?


  • 15 Jul 2015 2:56 PM | Deleted user

    Charlotte, NCThe Retail Solution Providers Association (RSPA) has selected 11Giraffes as the exclusive digital signage provider for RetailNOW 2015. In this capacity, 11Giraffes will provide digital signage services for the exhibit hall, schedule and announcement boards surrounding the educational session spaces, and information and welcome screens near registration.


    As the exclusive digital signage provider, the 11Giraffes software platform will be used for digital signage and interactive content management and presentation throughout the show. The company is also creating custom video content for RSPA. 11Giraffes coordinated with distribution and hardware partners SYNNEX and Samsung to complete the solution for RSPA. 


    11Giraffes Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations, Jim Marascio, will present "Delivering Modern In-Store Experiences" as one of the event's educational sessions. 


    "We are so grateful to have smart, generous members like 11Giraffes.  With their partnership, we are able to offer, for the second year in a row, digital signage at RetailNOW 2015 to help enhance the attendee experience" said Kelly Funk, RSPA President and CEO.


    "By incorporating scheduling information, wayfinding, news and announcements, along with the RSPA's branding and custom videos into the RetailNOW environment via digital signage, 11Giraffes is demonstrating how our signage platform is perfect for trade show and corporate communications applications," said Jim Marascio, 11Giraffes Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Operations. "We're all used to seeing digital signage in retail, hospitality and restaurant environments. Working with RSPA allows us to demonstrate ancillary applications to resellers and others attending RetailNOW."


    Billed as "where the industry meets", RetailNOW 2015 is expected to draw over 2,000 attendees, representing a dozen countries and all markets of the retail technology industry. The trade show runs August 2-5 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. 


    About 11Giraffes

    Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, 11Giraffes provides innovative, scalable, reliable and easy-to-use digital signage and in-store audio solutions to companies worldwide. The company's software and hardware products are distributed through a large network of value added resellers who place its products in a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, QSR/restaurant, assisted living, automotive, financial institutions, medical and dental offices, country clubs, and c-stores. 11Giraffes is committed to creating products that extend brands, deliver messages, and speak to customers. 



    About RSPA

    The RSPA is the only association dedicated to the Point of Sale and retail technology industry.   Our members include resellers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, distributors and other service providers that bring technology products and services to the marketplace.


    RSPA accelerates the success of its members in the point of sale ecosystem by providing knowledge and connections.   RSPA provides live, face to face education and networking annually at its two signature events, RetailNOW® (www.GoRSPA.org/RetailNOW) and INSPIRE® (www.GoRSPA.org/INSPIRE).  Other member benefits include a legal hotline, webinars, industry advocacy, a bi-monthly magazine and discounted shipping and event access.   Learn more by going to www.GoRSPA.org.

  • 13 Jul 2015 12:57 PM | Deleted user

    The Breeze 4-channel player simplifies digital menu or video wall installation and management by using a single platform that connects to a cloud server for ubiquitous control. 

    LENEXA, Kan. (July 13, 2015) – Keywest Technology has launched another multi-head digital signage player using an Intel® Core™ i7 CPU running on an Ubuntu® open source software platform. The 4-channel signage player supports up to four 1080P channels, which provides a dynamic, high-res presentation for menu systems or video walls. The player is controlled via the company’s cloud-based digital signage service called Breeze Digital Signage℠. 

    Just before the summer concert season, Keywest Technology contracted AVIES TECH to install the Breeze 4-channel system at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Breeze system lights up club-level digital menu boards at eight concessions stands using 42 Philips thin-bezel displays. 

    Lisa Ramsour, Project Manager at Keywest Technology, commented that the 4-channel Breeze players performed like “rock stars” during a Rolling Stones concert held at the 80,000-seat venue in June. “One menu item needed to be changed instantly because a food vendor sent crispy chicken rather than grilled. One phone call to Keywest Creative and the new menus were updated instantly. The service staff and management were delighted!” 

    Working in conjunction with Breeze Digital Signage, Keywest Technology offers network-managed services through Keywest Creative that provide restaurant owners and venue managers all of the benefits of digital menu boards without any of the worry that comes from technical snafus and creative management.  

    “The Breeze 4-channel signage player expands Keywest Technology’s capabilities in network-managed services,” said Nick Nichols, Keywest Technology’s President. “With Breeze, we’re not just offering the nuts and bolts of digital signage, but full-on network management that delivers expert results at a reasonable price. The 4-channel Breeze system extends our ability to create and manage robust menu systems or video walls offsite, which not only offers greater utility to clients but also offers far-reaching service value.” 

    Although network-managed services is an integral part of the Breeze Digital Signage value proposition, restaurant and venue managers may login to Breeze using the ubiquitous web browser to control the 4-channel signage player. Browser access gives managers advanced digital signage management tools like a template builder, nested playlists, an advertising module, an admin approval queue and handy widgets that add useful features such as weather or data integration. Also, Breeze can also be accessed and controlled via a smartphone. This essentially gives it “pocket control” for those that want to manage the system themselves while on the go, or at least make last-minute changes if a standard browser is not available.

    The Breeze 4-channel signage player commenced shipping this spring, and it’s available from authorized AV system and architectural integrators throughout North America. Interested parties and resellers are encouraged to visit the Breeze Digital Signage website for more information: http://www.breezedigitalsignage.com/ 

    About Keywest Technology 

    Keywest Technology is an authentic developer of digital signage technology and a full-service provider offering solutions from simple playback to large multi-sign and interactive networks. Keywest builds systems with a holistic approach that includes key software technologies, creative design, system design, and comprehensive network-managed services. Based in Lenexa, Kansas, the company is dedicated to making business communication as enjoyable as a day at the beach. For more information, visit www.KeywestTechnology.com.

    Intel is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.

    Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd.

    Breeze Digital Signage is a registered service mark of Keywest Technology, Inc.

    For More Information Contact:

    David Little     

    800-331-2019 or 913-492-4666 ext. 304



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